Humane Society of Perry County

The Humane Society's main goal is to provide assistance to residents who need help in spaying or neutering their pets. Also, their purpose is to:

  • To promote/encourage kindness towards and understanding of all living things
  • To initiate and further programs that will develop, aid, educate, and advise ciizens how to better care for animals
  • To assist in correcting and eliminate abuses and cruelties
  • To promote enforcement of the laws pertaining to animal cruelty, care, health and welfare

HSPC Services Performed

  • Spay/Neuter Assistance
  • Temporary Dog Houses when available
  • Vet Bill Assistance
  • Fall Straw Giveaway
  • Emergency Assistance with vet bills of injured animals where the owner is unknown

Contact Info

Lisa George
P.O. Box 21