Building Permits & Inspections

The Town Council of Troy passed an ordinance establishing a fee schedule for planning and zoning permits. Planning and zoning permits are issued at the Town of Troy/Troy Utilites Office.

Building and Improvement Location Permits:

  • Issue building permits, reconstruction, addition or placement
  • Accessory structures and signs which require permit
  • Principal building demolition or relocation
  • Driveways and parking lot construction or expansion
  • Temporary outdoor sales-annual permit
  • Dumpster permit (for demolition, construction, reconstruction or general clean-up) for 60 days with one renewal for 60 days for additional amount
  • Reviewing building plans
  • Working directly with the Planning and Zoning Commission

Below you will find Ordinance No. 2008-01: An Ordinance Establishing A Fee Schedule For Planning And Zoning