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Cemetery Clean up


The Town of Troy would like to remind everyone that mowing season is here and requests that anyone with flowers that are not in vases or saddles, should be removed from monuments or ground surrounding monuments.  This includes items on monuments that are not permanently attached such as figurines.  These items should be removed by April 1st.  After this date, items will be removed by the cemetery personnel.  As posted at the cemetry, all ornaments, flowers and/or decorations shall be attached only to the headstone.  Figurines or similar articles must be securely attached to the memorial and cannot extend over the base of the memorial.  Flowers in vase containers or memorial saddles must be securely attached to the memorial.  Glass containers are prohibited.  Items placed in violation of the aforementioned restrictions will be removed without notice.  The Town of Troy and employees of said Town shall not be responsible for loss or damage to any item attached to a gravestone.